Friday, November 11, 2011

Silent Ride, Holy Ride

Normally, this communion set is in my bag, but it photographed a lot better this way!

An important part of my way of life is bringing Communion to people who cannot come to church. This connects them to God, to our community, and to a sense of themselves as significant, real, and valued when some matters in their life would suggest otherwise.

To bring Communion, a priest usually has a traveling communion set. Along with a few books and other items, it forms a sort of “instant church” experience at a person’s home, or in hospital, a rehabilitation center, or other location.

A great privilege in my cycling life is to bring  Communion to people via bicycle. The ride to them is often a time of prayerful preparation, the ride away a time to reflect in the quiet and peace of cycling about what we spoke of and how God is present in this situation.

Again and again, I value not only the pace but the peace of urban cycling. One finds much more quiet and room for reflection than one would have thought possible in a car, where the sense of urgency is so much greater. I find that my visits made via bike are often more focused, more centered on the person and event at hand, and that is always the right way to bring and share Holy Communion.

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