Friday, September 7, 2012

Back in Business...

After a few days sans bicyclette, I am now officially back on the bike, thanks to the good efforts of the folks at The Bike Peddler in downtown Salem. I've put the wheel back on the bike, made a few adjustments to some parts that were now settled in, and have begun the process of finding out whether or not Raleigh Bikes, USA are willing to stand behind their so-recently-puchased product.

Being car-bound this week turned out to be OK, really. Cycling in my vocation has its limitations...there are people too far away for me to cycle to practically (pastoral visiting is, along with worship and teaching, at the core of my clerical life), and there are days when I simply need to get too many places that are too distant from one another to bike. However, what I know after this week, yet more than before, is that cycling is often a great deal more enjoyable than driving and encourages a very different attitude towards the day--a certain quiet and calm.

As I drove and walked around town this week, I did notice myself looking at all sorts of people--and I do mean all sorts--cycling and thinking, "gee, I wish I could be doing that!" What a nice, kid-like feeling, and how pleasant it is to be able to join you all now!

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